The importance of the Heisman

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I continuously updated my Twitter feed at 5:10 pm today, waiting to see who would be the 2011 Heisman finalists. I did a fist pump in the middle of the UPS store when I read that my quarterback, Robert Griffin III, would be making the trip to NYC as a finalist.As Griffin was named in a list including Andrew Luck, Montee Ball, Tyrann Mathieu and Trent Richardson, my heart burst with Baylor pride. Many doubters surfaced a few weeks ago when Robert Griffin III first broke into the Heisman race. Was he good enough to win even though he plays for Baylor? Shouldn’t the Heisman go to the best player on the best team?

How can you doubt a man who leads the nation in passer rating (192.3) and finished the season with 3,998 yard and 36 touchdowns? And that’s just passing. Griffin, known as RG3, also rushed for 644 yards and nine touchdowns. He has led Baylor to its first 9-3 season since 1986 and has given new life to a struggling football program. Looking at his statistics, it’s hard not to pass him up, even if he plays for a small private school in the middle of Central Texas that most of the country has never heard of.

Shouldn’t the Heisman go to the player on a team that couldn’t win without him? That’s what the Heisman is all about, not the MVP of the best team in the country. Baylor fans found out in 2009 how much RG3 truly meant to the program. After tearing his ACL, Baylor suffered through the season, waiting for Griffin to recover and return. In 2011, he rose from the ashes and put the football program on his back. In what could easily be described as the most exciting year in Baylor football history, Griffin helped the Bears topple #14 TCU, #4 Oklahoma and #22 Texas and finish the season a perfect 7-0 at Floyd Casey Stadium. Baylor fans and alumni know this would not be possible without Robert Griffin III. He is the savior who finally made football fun to watch at Baylor. He made it easy to be proud to fling the Baylor green and gold afar every Saturday.

What would it mean for RG3 to win the Heisman? It would bring Baylor out of the “little brother” shadow in the Big 12 and into the big BCS world. It would put Waco, Texas on the map. Baylor would get better recruits to continue building its football program. Robert Griffin III would finally get the respect he deserves!

Many voters have made it publicly known they put Robert Griffin III number one on their ballot. Could we see a new Heisman era? An award that is usually dominated by SEC powerhouses and eventual national championship team players could be won by a young man who attends a school which is playing in a bowl for only the second time in a sixteen year period and has never won a Heisman. A small, private, Christian school whose biggest wins came in the 80’s could be housing a Heisman trophy in a week. I may be a little biased, but I think RG3 has this by a landslide.

I, personally, can’t wait to see the effect this has on Robert Griffin III and Baylor, win or lose. I don’t know what the future holds for this young man, but I hope whatever he does, he can proudly add “Heisman winner” to his resume.

  1. Randi Loafman says:

    Love your blog! Your gonna go really far in this career….great pics, too!

  2. Steve says:

    Well said, even if you are a girl:))

  3. Andrew Morris says:

    Looking forward to following this for a long time to come, Sarah! Getting in on the ground floor. XP

    RG3 all the way, for me. Closely followed by Luck, Barkley, Matheiu THEN Richardson. Richardson is something special, but he’s not as integral to Alabama as the other four are to their teams.

    With the Heisman going to “the best college football player”, how could you not give it to RG3? Luck can take the QB award, and Richardson can take home the Doak Walker award. Seems fair to me!

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