Time to Hit the Panic Button on the Mavs?

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Dallas Mavericks raised their NBA Championship banner on Christmas Day, and followed the celebration ceremony by losing in a blowout game to the Miami Heat. The next night, Dallas had the same fate and lost to the Denver Nuggets, starting the season 0-2. Both games saw the Mavericks falling behind by 30 points and they allowed 30+ points in five of six quarters. After going 0-2 in the preseason and then losing the first two regular season games, is it time for Dallas fans to panic?

No need to panic you overreacting Dallas fans! Let us not forget this is a lockout-shortened season that allowed only 1.5-2 weeks of practice time before the preseason started. Oh, and a crazy free agency period that saw the Dallas Mavericks championship team disseminate. With the new additions of Vince Carter, Lamar Odom, Delonte West, Sean Williams and Brandan Wright, the Mavericks have some adjusting to do and need time to build chemistry. Even new Mavs Fan For Life (MFFL), Khloe Kardashian, said the Mavericks need time to adjust.

And, she’s right! With the absence of Tyson Chandler and JJ Barea, the Mavericks have struggled. No Maverick player has come forward as the defensive leader like Chandler did last season. Give it time, folks. This is only game two! It will happen, I promise. Brendan Haywood is no Tyson Chandler, but he is still a good post player. He isn’t as strong, but Ian Mahinmi is a great backup. As much as I hate to admit it, Lamar Odom is a great addition to the Mavericks. I just hope he can get over his sensitivity of being traded from the Lakers. The man can shoot from anywhere on the floor when he’s hot! He will be a great number two scorer behind Dirk once the chemistry is stronger. Delonte West has a toughness that is needed on the Mavs. He’s not afraid to be aggressive on either end of the floor. But, his jumper is still flat and will take time to get the rust off from the lockout. In his first outing as a Maverick tonight against Denver, Sean Williams was 4-for-4 with 12 points and three rebounds in 11 minutes. But what happened as he left the game was what got him the most attention. As Williams approached the bench, he puked and left the Mavericks bench scrambling and covering their faces. Most players got a good laugh out of it though.

If the Mavericks hadn’t won the NBA Championship last year, would fans be panicking and booing so soon in the season? Are fans expecting too much, too soon? It’s unrealistic to think the Mavericks could come out on fire Christmas Day and blow out the Miami Heat after not playing basketball for a few months and having only two weeks to prepare. Maybe for a young team, but for a veteran team full of new additions, that’s an unrealistic expectation. There is no need to panic and start blaming Mark Cuban for free agency moves. Or to start tweeting and facebooking “Mavs suck! I’m done!” after only two games. Give it time, ladies and gentleman.

I give it 10-15 games, or a month, to see the real Mavericks team we’ll see the remainder of the season. It will take that much time to find a starting lineup that produces the most points and to get a bench rotation that really gels. These first few games will be rough for fans, casual or MFFL. But, it’s time to get over the Championship hangover and come back down to Earth. It’s a new season and a new Dallas team. Do I see a repeat in the cards? Honestly, no. Making the playoffs? Yes. I have full faith and trust in Mark Cuban and the Mavericks front office. Many free agency moves were shocking to fans, but Cuban was embracing the new CBA this year, rather than waiting one or two years when all of the new rules and regulations start taking effect.

Check out the new CBA when you have time.  —> Official NBA CBA document

So, to all of the panicking fans who are already throwing in the towel: Why so soon? Will you come back and join the bandwagon around game 45 when the Mavericks are dominating? I’m not jumping ship, no matter how bad it gets. I always have, and always will, bleed blue! Go Mavs!


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