Keeping Up With the Kardashians….errr, Mavs!

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

So everyone in America knows Lamar Odom was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks. Not only did Dallas get Lamar, but we also got the Kardashians! And the media frenzy and reality shows that come with that family.

I’ve been a Mavs fan since the day I was born. Literally, I grew up watching the Mavericks and remember hearing about the terrible seasons before I was born. My first sporting event was a Mavericks game at Reunion Arena. You know, when it wasn’t popular to be a Mavericks fan because it was a great season if they could win half their games.

Skip to 2012.

The Dallas Mavericks, after 31 years, have just won their first NBA Championship. Following their celebration, the NBA announced a lockout. Once the lockout was lifted, a crazy free agency period ensued that brought Lamar Odom and many other new faces to Dallas.

Don’t get me wrong, Lamar is a great basketball player. But, he just does NOT want to be in Dallas. From day one, he was overly sensitive about the trade. Dude! You’ve been playing NBA basketball for 12 years. You should know that this is about business, not feelings. Grow up, put your big boy panties on and play basketball. You play for the Champions now! Being ejected in your first game after whining with an official is not acceptable in Dallas. We don’t whine. We just play ball. Yea, you’re getting better as each game goes by, but the attitude has got to get better! Last year you won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award. I’m pretty sure that’s who Mark Cuban was expecting to get this year. Tonight was the first glimpse of, hopefully, a better attitude and mindset about playing in Dallas (15 points, five rebounds, two steals).

Now, regarding the Kardashians….Why are they even famous? For being pretty? For Kim’s sex tape? I’ll admit, if I had to pick a Kardashian I’d be ok with living in Dallas, it’d be Khloe. She seems pretty cool. But, when ESPNDallas writers and Mavericks blogs start reporting on Kim Kardashian coming to Dallas to see Khloe, I have a problem. When did this become sports news? If anything, that story should be on TMZ or E! When reporters start reporting that as “news,” they lose credibility with me. I read Mavericks blogs to learn about the Mavericks, not to know when and where Kim will be in Dallas and if she’ll be sitting by Khloe at the next game. I love the Mavericks because they have that small-town feel. I’m afraid with all the media frenzy and cameras, my beloved Mavericks will turn into the Lakers. I’ll hate the day when TV cameras focus more on the celebrities on the sidelines than what’s going on on the court. Or when celebrities, like the Kardashians, receive more time on the jumbotron than fans and players.

Let’s get real: NBA basketball is not a fashion show. It’s not a social scene. It’s a game. A sport. It’s about the ten players on the court fighting for the ball in each possession. It’s about five players on offense and five players on defense. Teamwork. Winning.

As you can tell, it angers me how much the Dallas basketball scene has changed/is changing since the Mavericks won the Championship. I’ll take the national attention, but only the good kind that’s deserved. ESPN and other news outlets can report all they want about the struggles so far in the season and how the Mavericks are growing with the new players as each game passes. Or that Dirk has just played in his 1,000th NBA game. But, when I start seeing headlines about the Kardashians on respected sports sites, I lose faith in the area of writing I love most. And the reason I earned my degree in journalism. Being a sports journalist means you report on the players, injuries, key match-ups, the fans and the outcome of the game. Celebrities don’t deserve a place in a sports story, or highlights. I understand that things are different because there is a reality show being filmed between games, but the Kardashians should NOT intertwine with Dallas Mavericks basketball stories, recaps, highlights, etc.

Call me a hater, but I think the Kardashians deserve only a few seconds on the jumbotron so they can wave to their Dallas fans. But after that, move along, camera man. And include them in write-ups? Forget about it! Focus on the players and the game. I’ll take Lamar as a Dallas Maverick, but leave the Kardashian Krew in LA. Lamar is a good fit for this team once he gets used to the adjustment. If Khloe truly loves basketball and is supporting her husband, fine, I’ll gladly welcome her to the American Airlines Center. But, if the reality tv show starts interfering with the Mavericks’ success, I’m sure I won’t be the only Dallas fan with a problem.

Ok…I’m done with my rant. lol I’m just sick and tired of seeing too much of the Kardashians during the game telecasts and when I’m reading online. Like I said on my Facebook earlier this week, I’ll never understand why reporting on them is considered a sports story. I don’t “Keep Up With the Kardashians” and neither should sports writers/websites. I’m sure I’m not the only Dallas fan who feels this way…..


  1. That is dumb that they are reporting anything about the Kardashians in the first place. Hopefully it will be the first and only time because I completely agree with you that celebrities, ESPECIALLY those such as the Kardashians who are famous for Kim’s sex vid should NOT be in sports news or T.V. that’s just ridiculous.

  2. but then again: just saw this quote: The more attention you give to the things you don’t like, the more life you give to it. Keep the irrelevant things irrelevant.

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