I don’t usually mix religion with sports, but I’m a member of First Baptist Church of Dallas and think I can create a logical article regarding Tim Tebow and his speaking engagement in Dallas, Texas in April. 

Tim Tebow is the most polarizing sports figure today. People either love him or hate him. There’s no in between. His supporters will continue to love him if he fails to complete a pass on the field and when others knock him for standing up for his Christian beliefs. His haters will find ways to put him down, even if what Tebow is doing seems right. 

Robert Jeffress is also a polarizing figure. He is the lead pastor of one of the largest Southern Baptist churches and leads a congregation of 11,000 members in Dallas, as well as listeners on television and radio worldwide. Thousands of people support Jeffress’ uber-conservative views on things from Islam to homosexuality, but there are thousands more who compare him to the works and hate of Westboro Church. 

Over the past few days, the media has learned of Tim Tebow’s speaking engagement at First Baptist Dallas in late April and completely condemned him and his future because of it. Reporters are saying he must be on a “money-hungry power trip that is blinding his logic” for him to knowingly speak at a church that is so filled with hatred, rather than Christ’s love. Media companies from CBS to ESPN are throwing Tebow under the bus, saying his career will be over and his reputation ruined over this one speaking engagement. These are the same companies who were singing his praises in 2011 when he took the Denver Broncos on a crazy ride to the playoffs, started the Tebow-ing trend and threw him a birthday party. 

It’s crazy how Tim Tebow can go from on top of the sports world to the end of his career in two short years. (Cue the sports angle of this article.)

Now, let’s be honest. Tim Tebow is not the greatest football player. He was a marvelous college quarterback, but that didn’t translate to the NFL. His arm mechanics don’t fit with the NFL style offense and he has refused to play any position other than quarterback (with the exception of a few plays with the Jets). Although he took my Denver Broncos on a miracle ride in 2011, his world came crashing down when they sent him to New Jersey. Tebow didn’t have a chance to make an impact in New Jersey and now is the least wanted quarterback in the NFL. It’s not just because of his on the field production. It’s also because of the attention he gets and his outspokenness about his faith. 

Honestly, Tim Tebow wasn’t meant to be a quarterback. Football is just his platform. Tim Tebow is a minister, a missionary. His faith is the most important thing to him, and so is serving others. Tebow is known for coming early or staying after games to toss the football around with fans and serving at charity events and mission trips. You can see Christ in Tim Tebow through his actions and I think that scares the liberal media. It’s only fitting that Tebow travels the country in the offseason, speaking about his faith. 

What is shocking to me is the attention he is getting over this particular visit. Yes, Robert Jeffress says some controversial things, but it’s Bible based. I fall under the “moderate to liberal” umbrella, love gay people and enjoy learning about Islam/other religions so I don’t always agree with what is said, but this church is NOT full of hate or what the media is making it out to be. Robert Jeffress and the members of First Baptist Church follow the teachings of the Bible, even the teachings that today’s society tries to make acceptable. And guess what?! Despite some of my shortcomings and what I think on issues, I feel like I belong there. I had to laugh when I read where some reporters said Jeffress could be compared to the “pastor” of Westboro Church. Seriously?! This man would never spew that type of hatred. Jeffress speaks the truth, and sometimes the BIBLICAL truth hurts! 

We as Christians are supposed to be the light of the world. Robert Jeffress and Tim Tebow are two of the brightest lights to shine for Christianity in their respective industries. Tim Tebow was in Dallas Monday and refused to speak with the media about this. I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t want to talk about it. I think it’s because he doesn’t care. 

Tim Tebow doesn’t care what the media thinks about him or his faith. He doesn’t care if this speaking engagement will ruin his NFL career. He knows that his life has more purpose than football or a squeaky clean public image. 

As for Robert Jeffress: I whole-heartedly believe this man has been ordained to spread the Gospel to countless numbers of people and will change the world. He warned the congregation that this hate would come around the time of the opening of the new building, but who would have thought it would come through Tim Tebow? Robert Jeffress is the definition of Romans 1:16. He is unashamed of the Gospel, no matter how the media portrays him. He will continue to speak the Truth. 

John 15:18 comes to my mind in this situation. “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” The media, haters and unbelievers don’t hate Tim Tebow or Robert Jeffress, they hate what these men stand for. They hate the truth that could set them free. They hate the saving grace and good news these men are using their life to share. They hate Jesus. Woah!  

So to all the haters and reporters filling the media with hatred towards Tebow, Robert Jeffress and First Baptist Church of Dallas: What do you hate? Do you hate that Tebow is using his platform to speak on his beliefs, or do you hate the Word of God? Do you hate that Robert Jeffress is so passionate about speaking Truth even when it hurts, or would you rather ignore what is written? Leave these two Godly men alone! They are changing the world while you’re trying to tear them and their work down. But just like Jesus overcame the world, Tim Tebow and Robert Jeffress will overcome the hatred.

P.S. Tim Tebow, if you’re reading this, I’ll be the short blonde girl in the front row that morning at church and I’m really looking forward to hearing you speak 🙂


My 2012 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Operation Denver in November

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You might think I’m crazy, but I bought two tickets to a Denver Broncos game last Thursday. No, they don’t play the Dallas Cowboys this year. I’m going to Denver. For a football game. In November 😀 I don’t have a hotel reservation or a flight, but I have what’s most important: a ticket to see my team play at Mile High Stadium!

I’ve always dreamt of going to Denver for a Broncos game. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve watched them play on TV and desired to be at Mile High with some of the craziest NFL fans. It always looks like they have so much fun and watching my team play on TV just isn’t the same. Now that I have a good job, I’m single and have no other responsibilities besides myself, I decided now is the best time to go! So I’m calling this trip Operation Denver in November.

When I bought the two tickets, I didn’t have a 100% answer from the person who was expressing interest in going with me. After I bought the tickets and he saw how excited I was, he jumped on board and was ready to go (thank you, Justin!) Yes, I’m a little crazy….but I don’t care.

We’re leaving Friday after work on November 16 and taking a taxi to the airport immediately after the game on Sunday so we can get back to DFW in time for work Monday morning. Call me crazy, but I want it to snow so we can get the full effect of a Broncos football game! After hearing Denver gets its first snowfall on Halloween I realize this dream of a white football game could easily come true, which is why we have decided not to rent a car. lol Us Texans do NOT know how to drive in snow. The goal is to stay in a hotel in downtown Denver, preferably in the LoDo neighborhood. This is where all the young, hip bars, clubs and happenings are. Plus, there is free public transportation in this area! Can’t beat that.

Our tickets are in the 500 section of the stadium, three rows from the very top, to be exact. EXTREME nosebleed! But it’s the game against the San Diego Chargers, our biggest rival, and it’s a sold out game. We got the last of the tickets available. I can picture Justin and I way up there in our Broncos gear with pink noses and cheeks and a light snow falling on the field. The fans are all decked out in orange and the Denver skyline is in the background. The stadium is shaking from the cheers as Peyton Manning throws a 60-yard TD pass and I give a high five to the fan next to me. Seriously, I CANNOT WAIT!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this trip. I’m absolutely giddy. Watching the Broncos play on TV and writing about them for Bleacher Report just isn’t satisfying my love for them. I have to be there and witness it for myself. And guess what? If I absolutely love the experience, I plan on making it a yearly trip! I’m prepared for this trip to take a chunk out of my paycheck, but if it’s only once a year, then so be it. It’s what I want to do and what I’m incredibly passionate about.

I get these questions all the time: “How did you become a Denver Broncos fan?” or “Why are you a Denver Broncos fan when you live in Dallas?”

No, I’ve never lived in Denver, but I had the chance to watch one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. This man provided me with my first sports memory. Oh, and he was my first crush (lol). An eight-year-old me was glued to the TV in 1998 as this man led the Denver Broncos to their first Super Bowl win in Super Bowl XXXII:

My dad was always a fan of John Elway so we watched games together when we could get them in DFW. It was a blast to yell at the TV and have fun with my dad while watching great football. At first, I probably liked the Broncos because their mascot was a horse and that was my favorite animal (silly me), but when I realized what I was watching, I loved the Broncos even more. I was witnessing a Hall of Fame quarterback lead a team of Hall of Famers. It was an adrenaline rush to watch Elway play with Shannon Sharpe and Terrell Davis and you could really see their passion on the field. The game was even more interesting because Mile High Stadium was rocking every Sunday!

The next year was even more exciting when a nine-year-old me watched again as my quarterback led his team to back-to-back Super Bowl victories. But, my world came crashing down soon after when John Elway announced his retirement. This was my first experience of heartbreak as I watched the quarterback I loved to see every Sunday walk away from the game. But he isn’t gone from the Denver Broncos organization, thankfully.

In 2004, I watched very proudly as John Elway was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I’ve never been to a Broncos game and was barely old enough to remember Elway, but my first memories of sports were his prime years and I’ll never forget that.

Ever since those early football memories, my passion for sports has grown. On any given day you can find me researching about the team, watching games whenever and wherever I can and writing my own thoughts about the Broncos. Obviously this passion was instilled in me at a young age.

Now, as a 23-year-old woman, my goal is to work for the Denver Broncos. And guess who would be my boss? Executive Vice President of Football Operations, John Elway. Going to work every day for the team I adore and with the player I loved to see play football as a young girl would be a dream come true.

Today (6/28) is Mr. Elway’s birthday and I can’t think of a better way to wish him a happy birthday than to let the world know HE is the reason I’m a Denver Broncos fan. It’s not because I love horses or that blue and orange perfectly compliment each other. It’s not even because Mile High Stadium has some of the loudest fans in the NFL. No, it’s because John Elway gave me my first sports memories. His two Super Bowl victories are the first things I think of when I think of football. Yes, even in the middle of Dallas Cowboys country.

P.S. If you’re reading this Mr. Elway, I’d love to work for the Broncos organization. 😀 I currently write about the Denver Broncos on Bleacher Report and would love the chance to speak with you. Go Broncos!!

John Elway leads the Denver Broncos to their first Super Bowl win. My first sports memory was awesome!

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Hello world! Sorry I’ve been absent for the past four months (crazy, I know). Lots of ups and down in my life, but there are no excuses. Writing is my passion and what I went to school for, so let’s get back to it. Gotta get my groove back and what better way to do it than with some NBA Playoff basketball!

How many “NBA Experts” had Boston making it this far in the Eastern Conference Finals? Only TWO! The older and more experienced Celtics has their own Big Three. A Big Three comprised of the best three-point shooter in the NBA (Ray Allen), the greatest trash talker (Kevin Garnett), and one of the most clutch players in the league (Paul Pierce). Unlike the pre-season favorite Big Three, the Celtics didn’t need to announce their desire or ability to win “not one, not two, not three…” championships, they play to prove how badly they want it. So why count them out? Because they’re old or because they’re playing the Miami Heat?

The San Antonio Spurs have been counted all but out almost every year since their last NBA title because of age. Tim Duncan is 36 years old but is still his teams’ leading scorer most nights. San Antonio’s own Big Three of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker went on a 20-game win streak this season before losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. Down 3-2 in the Western Conference Finals, can the Spurs regain composure and beat the Thunder team that put a stop to their win streak?

These two teams have shocked the sports world in the last few days. One for taking the series lead over the pre-season favorite to win it all and the other for falling behind to a young, inexperienced team.

So who has a better chance of taking it to a Game 7 and a trip to the NBA Finals (Heat or Spurs)? My money is on the San Antonio Spurs!

First of all, let’s start out with “Why not the Heat?” Let’s see….your MVP only shows up for three quarters and didn’t want any part of making shots in the fourth quarter in Game 5. An integral part of the starting five is missing: Chris Bosh. Like it or not, the Miami Heat are missing him and his limited minutes in Game 5 weren’t enough. Also, the fan base there is terrible. Sooooo very fair weather. You could hear a pin drop late in the fourth quarter of Game 5, but then again nothing compares to a game in the Garden. There’s also the issue of heart and who wants it most. Sometimes it’s obvious D-Wade and LeBron think a trip to the NBA Finals should be handed to them. It doesn’t help that the officials are awarding bogus flops. But, the Boston Celtics are pushing through with clutch plays, big hearts and intimidation. Plus, I’m pretty sure most of the country is pulling for the Celtics to upset the Miami Heat.

Now on to the team with a fighting chance!I find it hard to believe Pop and the San Antonio Spurs will lay down and die in Game 6. As I’m following ESPN GameTracker, I can see the Spurs have a 15-point lead at halftime. Didn’t see that one coming. *sarcasm* The same team who won 20 games in a row a few weeks ago is NOT going to lose four of the most important games of the year. The Spurs have more poise and experience than the young Thunder squad. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are a dangerous pairing, but I just don’t see them outlasting the combination of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. It’s going to come down to a nitty gritty Game 7, and for the second year in a row, the Oklahoma City Thunder will be knocked out just short of a trip to the NBA Finals.

But that’s just my opinion. What do you think? Will LeBron show up and lead his team to a Game 7? Will James Harden and his beard scare away the Spurs and take the series?

In the midst of the NBA lockout, many team owners, players and fans pushed to save the season, even if it was shortened. When the NBA decided to open a shortened 66 game season on Christmas Day, America rejoiced at the return of basketball. Flash forward to February and this NBA season is like no other previous season. There are too many games in a short period of time and injuries are piling up quickly with no time to recover.

The shortened preseason and training camps are mostly to blame, but is NBA Commissioner, David Stern, to blame too? He was more concerned with making money than the well being of the NBA players. Every night, you hear of multiple players on their respective teams’ injured list. Is it because of fatigue or laziness during the off season, or a combination of both? Should the NBA have just cancelled the 2011-2012 season instead of having a condensed schedule?

Big name players such as Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Manu Ginobli, Chris Paul, Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade, Stephen Curry and Chauncey Billups have all suffered uncommon injuries that can be traced back to being unprepared for this rigorous season. Injuries such as pulled muscles, broken hands, turf toe, Achilles tear, back spasms and twisted ankles are injuries you rarely see in a typical NBA season.

Playing back-to-back-to-back games with one or two days rest before another stretch of games is taking a toll on player’s bodies, regardless of age. JJ Barea, one of the younger players in the NBA, has already missed 15 games this season with a hamstring and ankle injuries. Dirk Nowitzki, a veteran, sat out for a week for extra conditioning and rehab. Jason Kidd followed him after suffering back and calf injuries.

It’s quickly become a strange NBA season. One thing the NBA Commissioner strived for in the new deal was parity. Well, this season is a great example of what they wanted, but probably not the way they wanted to go about it. One night San Antonio will beat the Boston Celtics and then lose to the Toronto Raptors the next night. Instances like this are a nightly occurrence because of the condensed schedule, injuries and resting of key players. Many fans will be disappointed when their favorite player isn’t playing because he’s resting for the upcoming stretch of games. I, personally, went through this two weeks ago when I purchased tickets to two Mavericks games. The tickets I purchased happened to fall in the time period when Dirk was rehabbing. I definitely wasn’t a happy camper, and I’m sure many fans felt the same.

So, was this shortened season a bad idea? Should the NBA have cancelled the season instead of “saving” it? Many of these injuries and rigorous stretch of games are tiring out players quicker than usual and wrecking havoc on their bodies. Some player’s averages are lower than normal because of the fatigue. Many veterans are essentially wasting away a year of their career because they can’t recuperate quick enough.

I love basketball, but I feel like the NBA should have cancelled the season. During the lockout, I was one of the fans who pushed to save the season, but now I’m rethinking myself. The first third of the season has been full of terrible ball all across the board. I’m ashamed to admit I have lost some of my passion for basketball because of it. It makes me sick to see such terrible injuries on ESPN SportsCenter every night.

But, at the same time, I don’t feel bad for all of the players. These guys could have kept themselves in shape during the offseason. Many assumed there would be no NBA season so they became lazy and didn’t hit the gym until two weeks prior to the season. They are being paid millions of dollars to play a game they love, so why couldn’t they keep themselves in shape during the offseason? Example: Dirk Nowitzki. I love the dude and he’s my favorite Maverick, but it was really hard for me to have sympathy for him while he was missing games for conditioning. Sure, go party after winning your first championship, but start working out in August/September. He admitted he didn’t want to play basketball anymore after winning the title and playing for the German national team. No fire. No desire to get into the gym. So that explains why he’s out of shape, slow and can’t shoot right now. I still love the guy, but come on, get with it! By not being in shape, Dirk, and other veterans like him, are throwing away one good year in their career.

2012 NBA season=miserable to watch for many reasons. The NBA should have cancelled the season in order to save these players from awful injuries, exhaustion, frustration and bad ball. 66 games in four months is NOT a great idea!

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